How Can Chiropractic Care Help during Pregnancy, with Birth, and Beyond?


During pregnancy, mamas-to-be work hard to find ways to keep themselves healthy and their bodies functioning optimally to support their growing babies. Along the way, some may encounter a few of the common complaints of pregnancy and wonder how to ease these discomforts. In this post, we will discuss prenatal chiropractic care, how I used it during my pregnancy, and how it can support women as they grow their babies.


Chiropractic care is safe and beneficial during each stage of pregnancy. It operates under a wellness model of care. The premise is that when the nervous system is unimpeded, it provides an optimal environment in which the body is more easily able to self-heal and support normal, natural bodily functions. As a HypnoBirthing mama myself, this really spoke to me as I recognized a parallel with the HypnoBirthing philosophy. When supported in an optimal environment, the body’s natural birth processes unfold more easily, just as nature intends.


Prior to my first birth, I had personally received chiropractic care on an intermittent basis for six years to help with back pain issues, but I was not going on a routine basis. During my first pregnancy, I did not understand the wellness potential that regular adjustment could provide, and so I did not take advantage of the opportunity. When I became pregnant with my second, I did more research on the subject and decided early on to establish care with a chiropractor who specializes in pregnancy and pediatrics. During this pregnancy, not only did I experience less discomfort in my lower back as my belly grew, but I also found I slept better (or as well as anyone can sleep with a toddler waking them in the night), had less morning sickness, and had much more energy at the end of my pregnancy.


I've continued to get adjusted in the postpartum period as my body is still changing from the wonderful experience of pregnancy and birth. Chiropractic care has also become routine for our children to boost their immune systems and help them adjust during stressful times such as developmental milestones. (Perhaps this topic will necessitate its own post in the future)


I’ve asked my chiropractor and friend Dr. Laura from Bondurant Family Chiropractic to contribute to this post to and share more about how chiropractic care can be used to help mama and baby achieve optimal wellness. Having just recently given birth to her first baby, Dr. Laura has also personally benefitted from chiropractic care during her own pregnancy.

-Dr. Laura Mooney, DC, DICCP


Chiropractic care during pregnancy has proven to be very beneficial for moms and the growing babies in their wombs. It can help with the variety of aches, pains and discomforts that go along with mom and baby growing and changing. It can help ensure baby is in the correct position for an easier, more efficient birth process. One of the best parts – chiropractic care can decrease labor and delivery times!


The mom’s nervous system is in control of the growing baby’s nervous system. What she eats, baby eats. What she feels, baby feels. It’s very important to relax as much as possible, eat healthy, exercise and drink water regularly and limit the stress as much as possible while pregnant, as all of these things directly impact the baby’s nervous system, which controls its growth and development.


As chiropractors, we work to keep the mom’s – and therefore baby’s – nervous systems in the best shape possible throughout the pregnancy to keep both healthy. We work to prevent any issues in the mom as she is growing/changing, but also treat mom’s complaints such as headaches, backaches, carpal tunnel, swelling, breech position of baby, ligament pain and many other symptoms as well. One mom only took 3-4 visits before we were able to help her body become aligned in order to allow the baby to move into the correct head-down position for a vaginal birth. This also helps avoid unwanted birth interventions, such as caesarian sections. After birth, moms also need some extra care as they’re using different muscles and are in different postures than usual, not to mention extra stress and lack of sleep.


We also work with nutritional counseling in our office to make sure both are getting essential nutrients needed during pregnancy and in the future. Some moms need extra help in this area as our food is less nutritious than it used to be and we don’t always get all the nutrients we need from our foods. This is important during the post-partum period as well, to ensure moms do not develop mood issues from not getting proper nutrition.


Please feel free to discuss any questions/comments/concerns you have with us – 515.967.6500 or you’re welcome to email me - as well. I am a Doctor of Chiropractic and also have a Diplomate in Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics.


I personally was adjusted every 1-2 weeks throughout my pregnancy and did inversion regularly. I believe these things are what helped my baby be in the correct position very early on in the pregnancy and stay in that correct positon for labor.




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