Self-Hypnosis for Birth

One of the most well-known pillars of the HypnoBirthing course is in its name… HYPNOSIS. Today we will break down some of the myths surrounding hypnosis. Many folks my wonder if Hypnosis is a little too weird, scary, or ‘out there’ to use to prepare for their birth. Quite the opposite! It is a natural state that everyone drifts in and out of throughout each day, often at random. What I will teach you is how to bring yourself into this state when it is beneficial for you.

In fact, it is the best and most effective technique in HypnoBirthing.​



Rest assured that during your time in hypnosis, YOU are always in control your situation. You are not asleep or under someone else’s control. You will not be clucking like a chicken or doing handstands. You will not let out any deep, dark secrets.


You may, however, be able to numb parts of your body with the power of your mind, or be able to deeply relax at will.




Imagine if you could easily release any anxiety about birth,
feeling wonderfully calm, confident and positive?
Imagine if you could totally dismiss any distractions,
becoming completely focused on your peaceful, calm birth?


To first learn the techniques of self-hypnosis, it best learned from a professional with experience in hypnosis. In my HypnoBirthing course, I first teach you how to take yourself into an amazingly relaxed hypnotic state. This is where you can learn to be in control of your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. It is from these hypnotic experiences that you truly learn and understand the power of your own mind. You can then bring yourself back to this focused state of calm anytime you like in the future.  I’ll give you give you lots of techniques to practice at home, and you will have the opportunity to ask questions so that you feel really comfortable with your self-hypnosis.  To be completely transparent, most women naturally go into trance during labor. So really what I teach you is how to do it more purposefully while feeling more in control.


Take just a few minutes to watch this video of a HypnoBirthing mother during her labor and birth. Notice the incredibly calm, relaxed state she is in as she works through her labor of love. Participating in the course and regularly practicing your techniques at home will assist you in achieving a similar calm, trance-like state she is in. As you watch, I’d like for you to try putting yourself in her ‘shoes’, can you picture yourself blissfully bringing your baby into the world?



With dedicated practice in the weeks or months leading up to your birth you can be an expert in self-hypnosis. And what I hear a lot from parents who have taken the course is that they find themselves using these techniques long after the births of their babies for a variety of situations, because it truly is a skill for life! In the future if you would ever want to return to the feeling of calm and comfort that you experienced in class, you can simply take yourself into hypnosis, transforming the way you feel.


Doesn’t that sound amazing!


When a laboring mother uses self-hypnosis to bring herself to a very deep level of calm focus, this allows her to go within, where her body, her baby, and her natural birth hormones can all work together in complete harmony.


This puts mother and baby in the best alignment to promote a
physiologic,  safe, and healthy birth.

The HypnoBirthing course teaches a variety of techniques that assist you to bring yourself to a very deep level of relaxation. It’s in these states of deep relaxation, calm focus, and perhaps even euphoria that the body is able to create its own natural endorphins (painkillers). You’ll learn about a technique that creates numbness in your hand and the ability to transfer this anesthetic sensation to other parts of your body such as your abdomen or pelvis. Imagine using that technique during birth!


The mind-body connection is really just starting to be discovered by conventional science and medicine.  Hypnosis is a natural and safe way to influence the mind create positive changes in the body. Many of our mothers are fully aware and surprisingly comfortable during their births. They feel very empowered by the techniques they have learned.



Ashley Ladroma, BSN, RN, HBCE

Certfied HypnoBirthing Educator

My name is Ashley. I’m a mother to three incredible HypnoBirthing babies. I’m a labor, delivery, and postpartum RN with birth experience in both the hospital and out-of-hospital settings. I’m a passionate HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator because I have experienced first hand the beauty of this method.

I‘m on a mission to help women find the power that has been within them always. Birth is one way in which we can access this instinctive, intuitive power.




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