Let's Talk in the Affirmative

Affirmations are another one of the six pillars of HypnoBirthing. Today we are going to examine Affirmations and how you can make them work for you.


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The Law of Attraction is something that most people have heard of. The cores of this theory is that like attracts like, and that what you focus on is what you get whether you focus on the positive or on the negative. Sure, it sounds simple, yet for most, the Law of Attraction doesn’t seem to work. This is very simply because their conscious mind and unconscious mind are not operating in harmony with each other.

In the subconscious mind are all of our previous experiences, and patterns that have have formed because of those experiences. These patterns are our beliefs, habits and values We are aware of some of them and but for most we aren’t. When we examine a topic such as birthing, unfortunately our culture bombards our unconscious mind from a very young age with images and ideas about birth that simply are not true. It leads us to create subconscious belief systems that automatically associate birth with the idea that it is a painful, medical emergency, full of drama, and frantic screaming.


During HypnoBirthing classes, we examine why this is. Parents learn how to clear these unconscious beliefs, and leave their minds open to the possibility of a positive, gentle birth.


Affirmations are such an important part in this process of rewiring the patterns of thought that have been imprinted on our subconscious mind from the culture around us. Although at first it may seem kind of hokey to listen to these positive statements about birth, through continued exposure to the affirmations, you begin to notice changes in behaviors, habits, actions and reactions… basically you begin to truly believe and accept what the affirmations say.


Listening to affirmations during birth is an amazing way to fuel your motivation and focus your mind on the goal of birthing your baby. They change the way you think and behave on a deeper level and keep you positive and energized.


Now there are some rules to keep in mind when it comes to writing affirmations so that you don’t self-sabotage. And that’s why I have done the hard work and recorded a beautiful arrangement of affirmations that are perfect for pregnant or laboring women.


I would like to gift you this highly effective audio recording of incredible birthing affirmations. When listened to daily, it can help you enjoy a calm and positive mindset, and can shorten labor and reduce discomfort significantly.


Ashley Ladroma, BSN, RN, HBCE

Certfied HypnoBirthing Educator

My name is Ashley. I’m a mother to three incredible HypnoBirthing babies. I’m a labor, delivery, and postpartum RN with birth experience in both the hospital and out-of-hospital settings. I’m a passionate HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator because I have experienced first hand the beauty of this method.

I‘m on a mission to help women find the power that has been within them always. Birth is one way in which we can access this instinctive, intuitive power.




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