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Let’s talk about one of the simple but effective pillars of HypnoBirthing. Today we are looking at Visualizations and how this very simple technique can change the outcome of an experience.


But first, download your FREE Baby Position Visualization PDF! Put this somewhere in your home where you can see it frequently and spend a few minutes each day visualizing it in relaxation focused. This visualization can help reduce the likelihood of a posterior or breech baby, because of the messages your mind is sending your body!


Visualizations are an effective tool for improve personal performance. I know, it may sound a bit ‘out there’ to some, but stay with me for a minute. This technique frequently utilized by leading professional athletes, psychologists, entrepreneurs and very successful people from all walks of life. There have been a number of books and scholarly articles written on the power of visualizations.







Consider the following 3 scenarios
  1. You are in charge of a very important work presentation that you will give in front of 50 or more people. You are fearful of speaking in front of others. You are stressed about it and feel so anxious about it each day leading up to the presentation.  You imagine yourself stuttering, stammering and forgetting your thoughts. You are so anxious about this right up until it is time to present.

  2. You are in charge of a very important work presentation that you will give in front of 50 or more people. You have not spoken in front of such a crowd before and you are unsure how to feel about it. You have a good friend with a debilitating fear of public speaking. You don’t think about it a lot in the days leading up to the presentation, because you decide ‘what will be, will, be.’

  3. You are in charge of a very important work presentation that you will give in front of 50 or more people. You’ve never done something like this before and are a bit worried of messing up. Because of this, you reach out to friend who gives large presentations all the time. They an amazing source of information, tips, and tricks. And the most important technique this friend gives you is to visualize your presentation going perfectly. So every day you practice. You see, feel, and experience yourself being calm and confident on that day, and after the presentation is over you get applause and positive feedback

Now think about how each of these situations might turn out.

The first scenario would probably not have a good ending. If you remember from my earlier post on the Laws of Attraction, you get what your focus on. And in this scenario you have focused on this bad outcome over such a long period of time that your unconscious mind believes it to be real and will fulfill that outcome for you. It’s not very likely that all of the sudden during your presentation that you will feel calm and positive when have visualized yourself so scared for so long.


The second scenario might go a few different ways. You could get up there, feel great and dazzle everyone with your presentation – you had a hidden talent, yay! Or you you may stand up there, forget everything you were going to say and soon come to the realization that you should have prepared much more…it doesn’t end well. Or you might also do fine, everything goes just okay, the audience smiles, but you feel that you learned so many things for the next time that you wish you would have known the first time around.


In your third scenario you’ve got a lot of things going for you in your favor, but it’s still not a done deal. But… because you have chosen see, feel, and experience yourself as confident and calm in your visualizations, and because your mind has been filled with positive images, your actual experience will be directly affected. Your chances of rocking your presentation greatly increases because you prepared.


I probably don’t have to tell you how this relates to birth.

It is my goal that all mothers feel empowered, positive and calm as they move toward their births.

It is my goal for them to understand the current birthing system in which they are entering, whatever that is, and to be able to navigate all options and choices easily, with a voice that counts.

It is my goal that their worries and fears are addressed and released, allowing them to take joy in the momentous life experience they are about to undergo.


An easy and effective visualization technique I go over in class, that you can begin practicing right now, is visualizing your baby, perfectly positioned for birth. 
Click here to get your Baby Position Visualization handout. Put this somewhere you will see it frequently and spend time in relaxation each day, seeing your baby in this position. It can help reduce the likelihood of a posterior or breech baby!

 I hope you have decided to join me at my next Free Info Night….




Ashley Ladroma, BSN, RN, HBCE

Certfied HypnoBirthing Educator

My name is Ashley. I’m a mother to three incredible HypnoBirthing babies. I’m a labor, delivery, and postpartum RN with birth experience in both the hospital and out-of-hospital settings. I’m a passionate HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator because I have experienced first hand the beauty of this method.

I‘m on a mission to help women find the power that has been within them always. Birth is one way in which we can access this instinctive, intuitive power.




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